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Choose from the biggest selection of rescued cats to adopt in the UAE

Find healthy kittens and cats for adoption in Dubai.

We are a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based, licensed organisation.

Animal Rescue

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Cat adoption Dubai FAQs

We want to help abandoned cats find furrever homes. It’s important to us.

Because we love animals!

Here’s how to see and adopt their pets.

A small number of their cats stay Pet Avenue.

1. A full health check-up and any vet-recommended urgent treatments.

2. First, booster & rabies vaccinations.

3. Deworming.

4. For cats, FIV /FeLV and FCoV testing. For dogs, CCoV testing.

5. Giardia/Panleu tests, if recommended by vet.

6. Neutering or spaying.

7. Grooming for breeds and longhaired pets.

8. Microchipping.

9. A pet passport.

10. Small administrative costs covering things like transport carriers, cat traps, cleaning supplies and the organiser’s own rescue website.

If your pet needed any surgery after rescuing, this has been paid by the volunteer rescuer and generous donors. You’ll be told all of the medical history that we know.

Many visitors ask about breeds such as Scottish Folds, Persians, Bengals, British Shorthairs. Rescue cats don’t have papers or get DNA tests, so no rescue cat’s breed is guaranteed.

Pet Avenue unfortunately is not set up to take in strays. Please Google “cat rescue UAE” or “cat rescue near me” to check on good organisations.